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Indie Spotlight - Glen Dresser of Wheelhouse Games

In "Indie Spotlight" we speak to designers who are taking the first steps towards publication.   Glen Dresser is a Calgary, Alberta-based designer behind the upcoming boardgame 'The TransContinental.' Watch for the Kickstarter campaign coming in the Fall of 2020. IS-006-glen-dresser.mp3
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Tony Miller, of 'Breaking Into Board Games'

We speak to Tony Miller, an Oregon-based tabletop game designer who is one-third of the Breaking Into Board Games podcast.Tony tells us how he broke into board games, with his first game Fire in the Library from Weird Giraffe Games. He tells us the origin story behind his highly-anticipated follow-up, KabutoSumo. Tony explains his philosophy behind his partnership, NewMillIndustries, a self-described punk-rock publisher of the forthcoming Science and Seance Society.

Cody Thompson of Jellyfish Game Studios

We speak to Cody Thompson, founder of Jellyfish Game Studios (formerly Gold Nugget Games) whose debut game 'Vamp on the Batwalk' funded on Kickstarter in 2019.Cody tells us how he got inspired to launch a publishing company, what he learned from his first Kickstarter campaign and what the future has in store for Jellyfish Game Studios.
TestCoastGames-026-cody-thompson-jellyfish-game-studios.mp3 https://www.

Dan Goodman of Robotic Arm Software

We speak to Dan Goodman, founder of Robotic Arm Software and creator of Cocktail design software. Cocktail is a highly accessible tool that tabletop designers can use to create card layouts. Dan explores what Cocktail can do for designers and he tells us about his growing community on Discord, the exciting projects where Cocktail has been put to use and his plans to develop the tool even further.

Jay Cormier and the Pitch Project

We welcome back friend of the show Jay Cormier, prolific Vancouver-based game designer (Mind MGMT, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Belfort and many more), publisher and creator of Fail Faster. Jay tells us about some exciting new developments from Fail Faster, including the ambitious Pitch Project, which launches this month with a huge chance for designers to pitch digitally to a host of publishers, participate in workshops and much more! We also learn about the new Fail Faster Early Playtesting Guide and its connection with the Board Game Design Starter Kit campaign on Kickstarter, and we get a sneak preview of what designers can gain by taking part in the Pitch Project’s upcoming event.
Game designers, take note. The first deadline is on Oct. 2, 2020!
TestCoastGames-24-jay-cormier-allbutpublished.mp3 https://www.…

Indie Spotlight - Ben Chhoa of Burnaby Treasure

In "Indie Spotlight" we speak to designers who are taking the first steps towards publication.  Ben Chhoa is the designer of Burnaby Treasure, a real-world treasure hunt based in the city of Burnaby in Metro Vancouver with a cash prize of $500. The hunt is live at the time of recording and can be solved largely from the comfort of your home.IS-005-ben-chhoa-burnaby-treasure.mp3https://www.burnabytreasure.com

Sharise Nicole of BeBold Games

We speak to Sharise Nicole  (Reecie), Producer at BeBold Games. Sharise tells us her origin story as a singer-songwriter and former beauty pageant queen turned game content creator. We learn about the challenges she faces in her role at BeBold; some technical, and others in the form of online trolls.    She tells us about her most inspiring person, a notable pop-star who lives day to day under incredible circumstances!