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Stroke of Genius - 02 Murder Hobos

What game spawned pop culture phenomena like Stranger Things, Magic the Gathering and World of WarCraft? You can probably guess from the colourful title, but you will still want to hear Kennedy's personal story of how he discovered this Stroke of Genius.

Host: Kennedy Goodkey


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Jay Cormier of Off the Page Games

We speak to Jay Cormier, Vancouver-based game designer of Belfort, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Junk Art and many more.  Jay tells us about the merits of working in design partnerships and belonging to the GameArtisansofCanada. He recounts how he and his long-term design partner Sen-Foong Lim pitched their first games and made their initial industry connections. We learn about his new publishing company, Off the Page Games and their forthcoming game MIND MGNT, based on the hit comic book by Matt Kindt. Stick around til the end of the episode to lean about the comedian who inspires him to keep expanding into new ventures.  Fact of the show: Jay tells us how he and Sen popularized the board game sellsheet!  Links

Eric Raué of the Game Artisans of Canada

We speak to Eric Raué, Vancouver based game designer of Town Builder: Coevorden (2019) and member of the Game Artisans of Canada. Eric tells us about his early love of video games and the one that inspired him to start designing games. We learn about Town Builder and just how to pronounce Coevorden ("coup-for-dunn"). Eric tells about working with local publisher First Fish games and their successful Kickstarter campaign. We learn about the Game Artisans of Canada and how they help new designers hone their craft.

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We speak with JC of Vancouver, BC-based Fourtato Games. Their first game Chicken Heist,  a Press-Your-Luck, Player Elimination card game recently funded on Kickstarter.  JC tells us the unique methods they used to create and develop Chicken Heist.   We learn how Fourtato Games went from 4 friends to a trans-Pacific game publishing start-up.   JC shares personal highlights from their successful Kickstarter campaign and gives advice for those seeking to crowd-fund their own projects. Hosts: Mark Ellis and Mark Yuasa TestCoastGames-011-JC-of-Fourtato-Games.mp3