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JC of Fourtato Games

We speak with JC of Vancouver, BC-based Fourtato Games . Their first game Chicken Heist ,  a Press-Your-Luck, Player Elimination card game recently funded on Kickstarter.  JC tells us the unique methods they used to create and develop Chicken Heist.   We learn how Fourtato Games went from 4 friends to a trans-Pacific game publishing start-up.   JC shares personal highlights from their successful Kickstarter campaign and gives advice for those seeking to crowd-fund their own projects. Hosts: Mark Ellis and Mark Yuasa   TestCoastGames-011-JC-of-Fourtato-Games.mp3

Nicole Jekich of Funko and PlaytestNW

We interview Nicole Jekich, co-designer of Food Truck Champion , Director of Events for PlaytestNW, and Producer/Game Developer at Funko Games .  Nicole describes the ins-and-outs of her role as a Producer, the difference between working with a large publisher vs a small publisher. We talk about the games and themes, such as food, that inspire her.  Nicole shares the story of how PlaytestNW started and her advice on how to build a strong game design community.  Hosts: Tammy Lyon and Mark Yuasa   TestCoastGames-010-nicole-jekich.mp3