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Jonathan Ying, Freelance Artist and Game Designer

We speak to Jonathan Ying , designer of Star Wars: Imperial Assault , Bargain Quest and Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid . Jonathan recounts how he became an associate designer at Fantasy Flight Games , and how he made a lasting contribution to Star Wars lore. He tells us how his experience as a visual artist and author contributes to his game designs, and what it was like to work with his sister Victoria on BargainQuest . After working on licenses like Doom, Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nickelodeon, and Power Rangers, Jonathan reveals just what his ultimate game property would be.  TestCoastGames-015-jonathan-ying.mp3

Stroke of Genius - 02 Murder Hobos

What game spawned pop culture phenomena like Stranger Things, Magic the Gathering and World of WarCraft? You can probably guess from the colourful title, but you will still want to hear Kennedy's personal story of how he discovered this Stroke of Genius. Host: Kennedy Goodkey sog-02-Murder-Hobos.mp3

2020 New Year's Resolutions

Our panel of guests discuss games we played in 2019, games we want to play more of in 2020, and our design goals for the new year. TestCoastGames-014-2020-resolutions.mp3