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Indie Spotlight - Marcel Perro

In "Indie Spotlight" we speak to designers who are taking the first steps towards publication.   Marcel Perro is a Vancouver BC-based independent designer, apprentice member of the Game Artisans of Canada, organizer of the Indie Alley at Terminal City Tabletop Convention and co-designer of "For Greed or Glory." IS-002-marcel-perro.mp3  

Emma Larkins, game designer, Twitch streamer, author and podcaster

We speak to Emma Larkins , designer of "... And Then We Died " and the forthcoming "Abandon All Artichokes," Twitch streamer, and co-host of the Ludology podcast . Emma tells us how she got into tabletop game design from a unique direction as a science fiction author . We talk about #GAMEDESIGNDAILY and her tips on how to stay motivated and engaged with the game design community. Emma shares some very powerful advice on how under-represented members of the hobby can be welcomed by those in the industry. She tells us about the philosophy that has shaped her outlook on her game designs and life as a whole. Episode TestCoastGames-016-emma-larkins.mp3 Links   The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up