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Sharise Nicole of BeBold Games

  We speak to Sharise Nicole  (Reecie), Producer at BeBold Games .  Sharise tells us her origin story as a singer-songwriter and former beauty pageant queen turned game content creator. We learn about the challenges she faces in her role at BeBold; some technical, and others in the form of online trolls.    She tells us about her most inspiring person, a notable pop-star who lives day to day under incredible circumstances! TestCoastGames-023-Sharise-Nicole.mp3  

Randy Flynn

We speak to Randy Flynn, designer of Cascadia from Flatout Games coming in 2021.  Randy tells us the origin story of his forthcoming games Cascadia and Tabriz, as well as how he met Flatout Games and joined their "CoLab" game design collective. TestCoastGames-022-randy-flynn.mp3