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Panel - How To Build A Crowd

Representatives from Meeple Leaf , Rain City Games , Test Coast Games , and Vancouver Playtest Group discuss the topic of How To Build A Crowd. Twitch Panel Featuring: Andrea Robertson, Glen Dresser, Mark Ellis, Mark Yuasa, Nick Angiers, and Noe Escobar. TestCoastGames-029-Panel-How-To-Build-A-Crowd.mp3

Tony Miller, of 'Breaking Into Board Games'

We speak to Tony Miller, an Oregon-based tabletop game designer who is one-third of the Breaking Into Board Games podcast. Tony tells us how he broke into board games, with his first game Fire in the Library from Weird Giraffe Games . He tells us the origin story behind his highly-anticipated follow-up, K a b u t o S u m o . Tony explains his philosophy behind his partnership, N e w M i l l I n d u s t r i e s , a self-described punk-rock publisher of the forthcoming Science and Seance Society . TestCoastGames-027-tony-miller.mp3