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Cat Quartet Games

We speak to Victoria CaƱa and Alex Uboldi, Seattle-based designers of Gladius, a card game where you bet on competing gladiators and attempt to rig the outcome. Victoria and Alex tell us about their journey co-founding Cat Quartet Games and running a highly successful Kickstarter campaign to launch Gladius. They also give insights into the game design scenes in New York and Seattle, and share valuable advice on playtesting and development for up-and-coming game designers. TestCoastGames-032-Cat-Quartet-Games.mp3 Twitter: @AlexUboldi @victoriacana @catquartetgames  

Jeremy Rozenhart

We speak to Jeremy Rozenhart, Vancouver-based designer of forthcoming Wild Wings, a fantasy-themed game where you pilot a dragon to collect and spend magical rings. Jeremy tells us about his unusual route into game design and how his Dev Support role at Electronic Arts informs his board game designs. He also shares valuable insights for indie designers from his successful Kickstarter campaign with Wizard Thieves. TestCoastGames-031-jeremy-rozenhart.mp3